In 1951 the gallery initiated its programme of 19th and 20th century masters with an exhibition of the complete bronzes of Degas, followed by exhibitions of Géricault, Courbet, Cassatt, Monet, Pissarro and Sisley, Léger, Renoir, Laurens, Gris, Ensor and crowned by an exhibition of Van Gogh self-portraits in 1960. In the same year it opened a second gallery, Art New London, to exhibit mainly, but not exclusively, a post-war generation of international artists such as Alberto Burri, Piero Dorazio, Juan Genovés, Richard Lin, Georges Mathieu and Arnaldo Pomodoro. These exhibitions were seen to set new standards for commercial galleries both in scope and in catalogue design. Many were recognised as museum quality exhibitions and the gallery became a focus for international collectors, museum directors and connoisseurs as well as art history students.